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Afternoon Tea and Little Fancies

Arty Animal's Workshops

4 – 11 Year Olds, Coming to Leeds Spring 2013.

Arty Animals themed workshops have entertained hundreds of children since running its first workshop back in Spring 2004. Children have enjoyed the fun based Arts, Craft and Cooking workshops with a hint of Music and Dance, and have loved the variation of activities within them.

From 10am until 3pm daily, Monday to Friday.

Pricing is £25.00 per day or £110 per week.

This cost includes all drinks and snacks plus the children's lunch. Mondays and Tuesday must be booked consecutively as the children create a two day art project.

The children enjoy plenty of hands on activities including helping to prepare their own lunch and making one other aspect of baking or cake decorating. They love taking their gourmet delights home at the end of the day and can't wait to return and whip up another storm in the kitchen.

Our little 'Arty Animals' love making their own bread once a week, and over the years have enjoyed making Lemon cheesecake with frosted grapes, scones, mini lemon meringue pies, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate brownies and Smartie cookies to name but a few.. . .. . and during the summer workshops we have a BBQ once a week.

We cater for all dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, halal and fussy eaters. We have even done boiled egg and soldiers!!!

In the arts and craft department the children enjoy using an array of art materials including clay, canvases, paper mache, paint marbling. .. . . . . . ..And much more. Over the years the children have got messy creating Garbage Guzzlers, Computer Mice, Harry Potter sorting hats , a Doctor Who Tardis, Sharks and Jelly Fish, Mermaids and deep sea divers, African Masks plus a vast array of other creative masterpieces.

Staff at Arty Animals are hand chosen for their love of working with children, their natural dedication which is clearly obvious by the way the children react to their approachability, warmth and kindness. Laughter is evident and positively encouraged. Our key members of staff are still on board eight years later as all love working together with the children.